How to become a nurse

How to become a nurse Many AND graduates wish to enhance their career in today's demanding healthcare industry. A great way to do so is enrolling in online accelerated nursing programs or career advancement programs. You will have more job opportunities if you have the right certification. There are many nurse jobs available worldwide.

Nursing Studies

Although nursing students have to study many subjects related to psychology, medicine, patient care and prescription of drugs, they earn high salaries depending on their knowledge and expertise. As you can see, becoming a nurse involves years of study (nursing program, specialization and refresher training). First of all you will need a general equivalency diploma (GED) in order to be accepted by nursing schools. Some educational institutions consider also important high grades on subjects like biology, algebra, physics and chemistry.

After completing four years at nursing schools, you will get your bachelor degree in nursing. It is worth mentioning that hospitals prefer graduates rather than nurses who learn on-the-job-training. An associate's degree is another way of becoming a nurse in a straightforward and fast way, because it only takes two or three years. This degree is conferred by technical schools and community colleges.

Get a nurse License

Another method of becoming a nurse is studying and taking examinations in order to get a license as vocational nurse (LVN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). LPNs and LVNs work in healthcare settings assisting doctors in daily tasks. Finally if you want to become a registered nurse, you should pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Requirements for this examination vary from state to state, thus you should find out further information in the board of nursing of your state.

Regarding specialization, nurses can choose between several specialties such as critical care, geriatric, pediatric care, etc. For instance, geriatric nursing requires assisting elderly people, in most cases they have to deal with challenging behaviors. Moreover geriatric nurses dose medication and monitor mental and physical health of patients. Usually these specialization courses are provided by universities or nursing schools.

Save and send your documents properly

When you are preparing to work as a nurse and you are sending proposals to schools, universities or hospitals, always be sure to save as PDF documents before sending the documents to others. Save your certificates, reports or legal documents as a PDF archive is really important to prevent someone edit your information and use these documents fraudulently.

Using PDF to Word, you can easily upload your Word documents to begin converting them into traditional PDF formats. Utilizing this converter tool is ideal whether you plan to send a proposals to a potential school or if you are interested in writing a new degree proposal to send off.