Nursing Exam

Nursing Exam Since these examinations are necessary to become a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse, more and more nursing students take NCLEX-PN or CLEX-RN as soon as they graduate from their nursing programs. These exams were created with the aim to test basic nursing skills as well as medical knowledge. Both CLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN are computer-based tests; therefore, you should have at least basic computer knowledge to take the exam.

On the other hand, there is a wide range of categories that is covered in these examinations such as infection control, psychosocial integrity, health promotion, pharmacological therapy, effective patient care, maintenance and handling of medical devices, physiological adaptation and physiological integrity.

In regard to the exam structure, it is composed of multiple choice questions and the length of the time is up to five hours. These examinations are taken on a computer at predetermined times throughout the year.

Before your examination

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Tips to pass nursing exam

We provide you with some tips to pass successfully your nursing exam. An important question is pay attention to your language skills. If don't have so much time you can learn English or spanish online to improve especially you speaking and reading skills in these languages. Pay attention to these pieces of advice and put them into practice.

  • Submit a well-written application form to know if you are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN or the CLEX-RN.
  • To know where you will take your exam, check online the scheduled place and date.
  • Study a lot; study all the material that was covered in your nursing program.
  • Arrive earlier to the selected location.


A inpatient with a deep depression and suicidal ideation does not accept help from the nursing staff. The nurse identifies that the suicidal patient has troubles when the patient:
A. Describes his or her feelings of low self-esteem.
B. Talks about guilty actions.
C. Demonstrates psychological dependence on others.
D. Shows choler towards others.

A patient receiving hydrochlorothiazide is prescribed by a doctor to raise his/her dietary consumption of potassium. The best food for the patient is:
A. Banana.
B. Pear.
C. Orange.
D. Apple.

The nurse is assisting a doctor in the removal of the thyroid of a postoperative patient, the nurse should:
A. Maintain the patient in the Fowler's position with the neck and head held up by pillows.
B. Help the patient to turn his head from left to right and vice versa to promote the removal of oral secretions.
C. Maintain the patient in a supine position and place sandbags around his head and neck.
D. Stimulate the patient to breathe and cough deeply every three hours, with the neck in a bended position.

A inpatient who suffers from dyspepsia is diagnosed with early gastric cancer. Which of the following products increase the risk of gastric cancer?
A. Refined sugars.
B. Products made of milk.
C. Lunchmeat.
D. Sparkling beverages.

A patient is sent to a psychiatric facility for forensic examinations because she is charged with arson. Her provisional diagnosis is antisocial personality disorder. Regarding patient's medical record, the nurse could expect to find:
A. A feeling of guilty for her actions.
B. A low intelligence quotient (IQ).
C. A record of steady employment.
D. A record of cruelty to animals.

The Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) cannot provide primary care for a patient:
A. With a percutaneous access device.
B. On the latest stages of labor.
C. With schizophrenia and mood disorders.
D. Three days post-appendectomy.

The doctor has prescribed medical bandage with Sulfamylon cream for a patient with severe burns on shoulders and back. Before wrapping with the tape and bandage, the nurse has to place a higher priority on:
A. Administering painkillers
B. Conduct a daily complete blood count (CBC.)
C. Make sure that the urinary output is regular.
D. Obtaining a blood sugar by pricking the patient's finger.

The nurse is instructing a group of the patient's relatives about gross motor development of the infant. Which conduct is a model of the regular gross motor skill of an infant?
A. He can make a long jump.
B. He can draw a vertical line.
C. He can construct a tower of eight cubes.
D. He can tug a ball behind him.

A inpatient with a fractured mandible is going to be discharged by duty doctor. Which surgical instrument should be used on this patient?
A. Tracheostomy set.
B. Pliers.
C. Oral airway.
D. Surgical wire cutters.

The nurse is about to dispense digoxin elixir to a infant who suffer from congenital heart defect. The nurse find out by auscultation an apical pulse rate, the nurse should:
A. Hold the medicament and double-check the heart rate in 30 minutes.
B. Register heart rate and dispense the medication.
C. Chart the heart rate and then inform the doctor about it.
D. Give the medication and then double-check the heart rate in 15 minutes.