Nursing Universities

It is likewise an exceptional idea to assist to professional conferences on the grounds that you can upgrade your current knowledge; therefore, you have demonstrated an authentic premium in your training. Determine that you uncover a tutor that permits you to understand everything that encompasses being a nurse.

Enhance your nursing skills

Adding new aptitudes to your resume will help your contracting chief to understand everything that you can do as a nurse. In we provide you a list of the most reputable Nursing Universities, each one offers different kind of nursing programs and degrees.

Visit their official webpage for further information and feel free to submit an email to clear up any doubt. Most of these universities are ranked in the US News & World Report because of their excellent academic programs, thus find out which degree or specialty you want to achieve and take your time making this important decision.

Search nursing programs across qualified universities

Applications to nursing universities are rising as students flock to careers in health care. According to the American Association of Colleges, more than 52,212 qualified applicants are not admitted to programs because of limited slots in nursing schools. If you're ready, you can search university that you consider most appropriate for your career. Some Universities are proud to educate nurses and midwives for communities near and far.

List of Nursing Universities

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)
Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) - Nursing Program
OSHU ranks as one of the best universities in USA having nursing as a specialty. Numerous degree levels are conferred by this University according to their programs: undergraduate (BSN), master (M.N.), doctoral (D.N.P.) and continuing education. This educational institution is committed to improve healthcare standards by means of innovation, excellence, research and professional growth.

University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania - Nursing undergraduate program
University of Pennsylvania is committed to improving the world by means of nursing science. Being part of the Ivy League, this institution provides great educational resources to its nursing students so as to achieve excellence in healthcare services. Several academic levels are granted by this university including BSN degree, masters' degree, PhD and joint degrees.

University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA)
University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) - Nursing Program
UCLA has been always at the forefront of major breakthroughs in research, technology advances, medical treatment of fatal diseases and higher education. Therefore nowadays UCLA School of Nursing has a reputation as leading institution in this changing healthcare environment. Furthermore according to the US News and World Report, UCLA is considered among the top 10 nursing schools in USA.

Duke University
Duke University - Accelerated BSN Program
Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) is differentiated from other universities by its Accelerated BSN program which is aimed at professionals who holds a undergraduate degree. Being one of the leaders in nursing education, DUSON applies innovative teaching techniques and state-of-the-art technology in its academics programs. ABSN, MSN, DPN, PhD are some of its nursing programs provided by this institution.

Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University - Nursing Program
According to the US News & World Report, this university is ranked as the #1 nursing master's program. This distinction makes of this institution one of the leading universities in USA. On the other hand, all its nursing programs are aimed at improving healthcare service through an excellent faculty and the latest learning methods.

University of Washington
University of Washington - Nursing Undergraduate program
Since 1984 this university has been instructing students in its well-equipped facilities where exceptional nursing researches has been carried out. It's also ranked among the best universities of USA by the U.S. News & World Report. There are six academic programs, several specialties, continuing education courses and medical research. This is a leading authority on nursing programs between US universities.

University of Michigan
University of Michigan - Nursing Undergraduate program
Education institution committed to developing professional and personal growth of its students through world-class education, research, and qualified faculty. Traditional bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN), Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (NP/CNS), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) among other degrees and specialties are provided by U-M School of Nursing. It is also considered among the best nursing schools by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Austin - BSN Program
Providing graduate and undergraduate programs the University of Texas at Austin prepares nursing students to meet medical demands of the healthcare sector. Promoting career development and encouraging students to achieve excellence care service this institution is at the forefront of higher education. On the other hand, its BSN and MSN programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Nursing Program
UNC-Chapel Hill, nationally recognized as one of the leading education institutions in the nation, provides a wide range of nursing education programs so as to meet healthcare sector's needs. It is also considered in the list of the Best Graduate School Rankings for 2012 by the U.S. News & World Report Best. Some of its programs include: BSN, MSN, PhD, post-doctoral fellowships among others.

Boston College
Boston College - Nursing Undergraduate Program
A joint degree (two separate degrees) is provided by this college together with Theology and Ministry. These academic accreditations are MA in pastoral ministry and the MS in nursing. Boston College School of Nursing grooms students to apply their medical expertise while giving ministry skills. This college also has numerous specialties such as adult health nursing and forensic nursing etc.